Peace. What is it? Does anyone really know? What does it look like? Does it look like the world around you? We try to define it because we would like to know it, but while we may have a concept of the word peace, very few of us probably experience it in our daily lives.

Peace eludes us. The loom upon which the whole of society is woven into a fabric, is not by practicing peace, but through constant competition and criticism and complaint and condemnation and cancellation. We always know who to blame and it is never ourselves. We cast blame because inside we are afraid we are to blame and not the other. The peace we cannot find is peace with our own selves. Why can’t we have peace with ourselves and others? Because we do not have peace with that which is greater than ourselves. We have not peace with our Creator God. Every relationship we know is marked by the loss and lack of peace because we do not have peace with God.

That is a strong assertion, and some reading this might disagree. You are free to do so. I won’t fight over peace.